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Greenville, South Carolina 

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Have you ever experienced rejection by the people closest to you? Are you wondering what your purpose is in life? Perhaps you have experienced many hardships such as failure, disappointments, and tragedies. Spring Taft will share an emotional tale of her life, the heartache, and struggles. She shares her powerful testimony in "The Plug: Purposeful Living Unto God." The pain was Spring Taft's addiction and depression was her drug.  She did not think she could let go of either one. She had become so used to both of them being around. They were the dysfunctional family that clung to her whenever she needed a quick fix. 


In "The Plug: Purposeful Living Unto God," you will get an inside glimpse of the many seasons of low valleys and high points that  God had brought her through. What you will find in this journey is that once Spring decided to "Live for Purpose, On  Purpose," her life completely changed for the better and so will yours. Get ready to walk in your purpose and gain more intimacy with the Lord. Be encouraged as you read every page inside because you will gain a new perspective on handling the challenges in life. It's time for purposeful living unto the Lord, Almighty! 

The Plug (Purposeful, Living,Unto, God) By: Prophetess Spring Taft